The 25th ASEAN Federation of Cement Manufacturers (AFCM) Technical Symposium & Exhibition abstract submission closes on 30 September 2017 at 23:59 GMT +7.

The committee allocates 30 minutes for each author to present their paper. Authors who wish to use the slide, is expected to inform the secretariat no later than one hour before the presentation.

Submitted papers have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Size and Page Numbering
    The author should use a white paper with A4 size (21 cm x 29.7 cm), with a Margin: left 4cm, bottom 3cm, right 3cm, top 3cm. Each page should be numbered with Arabic numeral system, at the bottom of the page, 2cm from the end of the paper.
  2. Typing
    The script should be typed with 2 spaces and typed on one side of the page only. The original manuscript and a copy of 3 pieces shall be submitted on schedule.
  3. Page Title
    The page titles of papers (uppercase and lowercase) should be more specific and clear. Suggested title consists of approximately 15 (fifteen) words. The title should contain the keyword explaining the contents of the paper.

  4. Title in text
    Title                              : In upper and lower case letters
    Headline                      : In capital letters, align text to center and not ended by punctuation
    Sub-headings              : Underlined, with capital letters at the beginning of the main word, not ending
    Sub-sub-headings      : a dot, starting from the top left of the page.

  5. Numbering in text
    Numbering in text should use Arabic numeral system. Paragraphs or sentences are not allowed to be numbered. However, the authors are allowed to list (steps), to show the progress of experiments, processes, etc.
  6. Standardization
    • All rules must be using the metric system; each abbreviation for the unit must conform to the international standard.
    • Every table and picture must be numbered, and followed by an understandable explanation without reference to the text.
    • Every column of the table (horizontal/vertical) should consist of a title to describe the data organized in the columns and sizes used.
    • In the presentation of data using numbers, decimal numbers and dozens must be straightened out. Idem and commas should not be used. Empty space should be marked with dash (line).
    • Any unusual symbols/abbreviations should be explained in the footnotes of the table/picture.
    • Explanation of table/picture is considered as footnote of the contents but distinguished by small letters only, not using asterisks.
    • All images should be numbered in sequence on text for example picture 1, picture 2, and so on. A series of drawings and tables should be attached to each copy of the manuscript.
    • Any positive image/photo of glossy black-and-white photographs should be submitted with the original manuscript, clear prints can be attached with copies. All tables and images must be printed in 12cm 20cm format. Can be one full page or half page.
    • All images must be printed with Indian Ink or Bristol board or drawing paper and do not be folded. Avoid three or four curves in a single graph. Each picture must be explained by its number, the compiler's name and the article title written behind it with a pencil. The explanation should be typed in lowercase and underlined and on a separate paper affixed to the picture. The photo should be sharp and not damaged by any marks and sent in a flat, well-protected state, packed with cardboard.

Slides should be clarified and should not be overwhelmed by excessive data. A table displayed with slides should correspond to only one or two subjects, which means that some tables in the printout will be too large to be presented on a single slide. In this case the selected contents or tables should be made two more slides. In some cases, the contents of the table should be inserted into the histogram for the presentation of a slide. If any graph is presented, the rules have been described earlier and should be considered, no more than three or four curves.

Color can be used to emphasize information. But, no more than four colors are easily distinguishable, namely red, green, blue and black.
It would be even better if the slides of the photographs depicting equipment, machines, products and etc. are color photos.

Each slide should describe the author's name (top left) and the dot can be seen in the lower left corner to explain the position of the highlighted. The slide should be numbered (close to the dot) and set to display. This should be submitted to the Secretariat within an hour before the presentation is presented.